Bin Collection

Welcome to our Bin Collection services page, where convenience meets sustainability. At Waste Move, we have crafted a specialized wheelie bin service tailored to the seamless and eco-conscious disposal of your household waste. With a commitment to recycling and carbon offsetting, our service ensures both your waste reduction goals and environmental concerns are met.

For ultimate ease, our private wheelie bin collection service can be scheduled on an ongoing basis. Simply contact us to set up a recurring plan that aligns with your waste generation patterns.

Initiating our private wheelie bin collection service is a straightforward process. Just get in touch with us, and we’ll guide you through the setup process. Your household waste will be in responsible hands from that moment on.

Embrace hassle-free, eco-friendly waste management while contributing to a cleaner, healthier environment. Contact us today to set up your personalized wheelie bin collection plan and take a meaningful step toward a greener future

Private Wheelie Bin Collection

Bin collection

Private Bin Service

Our home waste wheelie bin collection service is available throughout most UK postcodes.

Benefits of our service

Why Choose Bin Collection?

Swift and straightforward online reservation process

Bin collection service with a set price

Option for next-day bin collections

Various sizes of bins collected

Bin collection service available across the nation

Place your order by 10 pm for the next day pickups

Frequently asked questions

Wheelie Bin Collection FAQ's

Yes, we’re here to assist in situations where you’ve missed the council’s bin collection or if you’re facing a bin strike or any other reason resulting in a full bin. Our services offer a solution – just place an order for collection, and we’ll promptly schedule a visit to pick up the waste, ensuring your surroundings remain tidy and hassle-free.

Rest assured, the waste we collect is handled with utmost responsibility. Whether it’s emptying wheelie bins or picking up bulkier items like sofas, our commitment to responsible disposal remains unwavering. Your waste isn’t just collected; it’s part of a larger commitment to sustainability and eco-friendliness.

Are all varieties of wheelie bins collected by your service?

Yes, we offer a comprehensive range of bin collection options. Our standard collection covers 130-liter, 260-liter, and 380-liter bins. If your bin size falls outside these categories, don’t worry – simply get in touch with us. We’re more than capable of accommodating unique requirements and can create a tailored quote for your specific rubbish collection needs. Your convenience and waste management needs are our priority.

While there isn’t a strict weight limit for our bin collection service, we do advise that bins should be filled to a reasonably level load. It’s perfectly fine if the lid isn’t completely closed, but if the contents are significantly overflowing, there might be an additional charge. If you find that your bin bags can’t fit within the bin, we recommend reaching out to us. We’re here to work out a personalized solution for your specific situation, ensuring your waste collection experience is seamless and tailored to your needs.

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Our bin collection service allows for a convenient approach. You’re welcome to place both recyclable waste and general waste within the same bin. However, we kindly request that you keep these types of waste separate within individual bags. This practice makes it simpler for us to maintain the segregation of general waste and recyclables, contributing to more effective waste management and recycling processes. Your effort in keeping them distinct is greatly appreciated and supports our commitment to responsible waste handling

Our services go beyond private wheelie bin collections. Whether you have old furniture to dispose of or you’re considering skip hire, Waste Move has you covered with efficient solutions. You have the flexibility to order a bin collection for emptying your bin, and if needed, you can also schedule a sofa removal for the same day to take away your old sofa. Our comprehensive range of offerings ensures that your waste management needs are met conveniently and efficiently, no matter the type or quantity of waste you have.