The Ultimate Guide To Recycling Rules In Greenwich

Living in the beautiful Royal Borough of Greenwich comes with its own set of unique rewards – stunning green spaces, exciting attractions and most importantly…a chance for you to become part of a movement towards greater environmental consciousness. So make sure you get familiar with your local recycling regulations! By following this helpful guide, we can all take an active role in contributing to the borough’s sustainability goals!

Green-Topped Bin – For Food And Garden Waste

To handle your food and garden waste, make sure to use the green-topped bin. This container is collected on a weekly basis in Greenwich; henceforth, residents may request for 6-liter kitchen caddies where they can temporarily store their rubbish until it needs to be placed inside the aforementioned container. Corn starch liners or paper bags are available as well when using these caddies. Your green topped bins should have the following items: …

  • Meat, fish, fruit, vegetables, tea bags, coffee grounds and bones
  • Hedge cuttings, plants and flowers, leaves and weeds, straw
  • Sawdust, vegetarian pet waste,bark

You can’t dispose of these items in your green-topped bins…

  • Bin liners and compostable packaging
  • Degradable or biodegradable sacks (These materials are too slow-decomposing to be disposed of safely and efficiently through traditional means.)

How can you dispose of these items?

Your food and garden waste will be collected and sent to a cutting-edge in-vessel composting facility. There, it is promptly converted into agricultural fertiliser and soil enhancer that helps combat climate change while saving your money! Not only does this significantly reduce the emissions generated from incinerating waste, but also provides an economical solution for all of us.

Blue-Topped Bin – Mixed Dry Recyclables

With your blue-topped bin, you can easily and efficiently recycle without the hassle of separating all your items. All that’s required is that waste be clean and free from food residue–which allows individuals at the recycling facility to process everything quickly. Collected weekly, this container provides a convenient method for disposing of mixed dry recycling! These items can go in your blue-tipped bin:

  • Tins, aerosols, cans and foil
  • Card and paper
  • Jars and glass bottles, plastic tubs, plastic bottles, and trays

Black-Topped Bin – Non-Recyclable Items

Your black-topped bin is your last line of defence against non-recyclable waste – if you’re properly recycling, there won’t be much that goes into this one. We collect these items on a weekly basis and send them to Lewisham for energy recovery at an incineration plant where they are used to generate electricity – even these materials can help make our atmosphere cleaner than it would’ve been in a landfill! The following items should go in your black topped bin:

  • Disposable nappies, broken crockery, used tissues,  sanitary items, vacuum cleaner waste and more

Greenwich Flat Residents Recycling

If you live in a block of flats, your recycling setup may be different from other households. You will have large, communal bins that are either stored inside a bin store or near the flat building grounds.Your mixed dry recycling should go into the blue container and any regular waste can either be put through the chute system or placed in larger silver/black containers. However, for those living above shops, rubbish sacks must be used instead of bins to clear out on designated days.

Bulky Items Disposal: Reuse & Recycle Centres In Greenwich

If you have any goods at home that you don’t know how to dispose of, your local reuse and recycle centre will be a great help. For residents in Greenwich,the facility is located on Nathan Way – SE28 0AF. They accept sofas, fridges and other objects that no longer serve a purpose for you. Get rid of those unwanted items today!

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