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Garden Clearance Dartford

Garden Clearance Service in Dartford

We provide Garden clearance Dartford for overgrown gardens in Dartford. Junk and unwanted vegetation can make your garden look awful. This can affect the way your entire home looks and also its value. No home could look good with an overgrown garden. Contact us and we will make your garden shine again.

What’s included in our garden clearance in Dartford service

  • Cutting and thinning overgrown hedges 

Overgrown hedges can make your garden look like a forest and also become home to insects and rodents. Our trained team will think the hedges and cut them to give them a neat look.

  • Overgrown grass and unnecessary vegetation

Evenly cut grass gives your garden a neat appearance. Removal of unnecessary vegetation will not only make your garden look clean but also increase the health of your garden. Our trained people will make sure that the grass is cut evenly and unnecessary vegetation is removed.

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  • Pruning and reduction of oversizes shrubs and trees

Our team will perform pruning and reduce oversized shrubs and trees to give a uniform appearance to your garden and improve garden health.

  • Clearance of plant beds

Our garden clearance Dartford service also includes cleaning of Plant beds & borders. New ones will be dug and weed will be removed. Fallen leaves will be cleared from Driveways and patios.

  • Green waste removal

Our staff will remove all green waste and dispose of it following UK regulations.

Garden Clearance Dartford

Trained & Experienced team

We have gathered together the most experienced and well-trained team for providing garden clearance services. They are equipped with the latest tools & equipment for providing clearing services. We have completed many such projects in Dartford and are well aware of the best practices for clearing gardens. Our team is an expert at providing garden clearance in Dartford.

Latest Tools & Equipment

Our cleaning staff is well acquainted with using the latest tools & equipment. We provide them with quality supplies such as land mowers, jet washers, aerators, and others. We keep our staff aware of the latest trends in garden clearance so that they can provide you with the best possible services.

Low cost

We have a garden clearance plan for every budget. Get in touch with us and we will prepare a plan that fits your budget. We have priced our services relative to the prevailing garden clearing prices. We offer different packages offering different services at affordable prices. The total garden clearance price depends on your location, rubbish size, the time required, and the rubbish type.

Compliance with regulations

Our team carries licenses for the jobs they perform. They are also fully insured against all accidents. We always comply with safety standards and disposal regulations while performing clearance tasks.

Quick booking & services

Our booking process is quick and effective. You can contact us any time throughout the day and book an appointment for garden clearance. You can also request a free quote for the services you require. We can also provide emergency services on short notice if there is an urgent requirement for clearance services.

Our process

Contact us online through our website and request a free quote or call us on our registered number for booking. Once you accept the free quote we will provide you with a booking date and time. We also provide other clearance services such as commercial waste clearing, house clearing, garage clearing, heavy items disposal, furniture disposal, and many more.

Appointment day

The appointment date and time for garden clearance services in Dartford will be provided to you within twenty-four hours. You do not have to be there for us to provide our services, however, if you have some special instructions or requests, you should mention them at the time of booking or be present on appointment day.

Time to Work

On the appointment day, our fully equipped garden clearance Dartford team will arrive at your site on time. They will perform all the services above without wasting any time. Our team will perform all the necessary tasks such as leaf blowing & clearing, Gutter clearing & cleaning, rubbish removal, and waste clearance.

Waste removal

Once the job is done, our team will pack up all the garbage including green waste, and leave. The green waste will be disposed of according to UK regulations.